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[WordPress Plugin] iPad Swipe

Most WordPress themes look just fine when you view them in an iPad but what every iPad user gets very soon used is swiping across to turn pages. I thought it would be a good addition for any WordPress blog to be able to provide this functionality via a plugin and a good programming exercise for me as it would be my first WordPress plugin.

The plugin can work for all iOS devices (there is an admin setting for that) but it was essentially developed for iPad. After activating this plugin, one can swipe left/right on their iPad to see next/previous post on single post page and next/previous posts lists on listing page. This plugin uses Zepto javascript framework to attach swipe event to the page.

1. Upload directory ‘ipad-swipe’ to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory.
2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.

Download: Click Here

Users will see a message box on home page or single post, informing them that they can use swipe to turn pages. By default visitors will see this message for 5 visits or till they just close the message box. There is a setting to change the number of times to show message on iPad Swipe settings page. Another setting is, which devices should this plugin be supporting. If “All” option is selected, it will allow to swipe posts on iPad, iPod and iPhone. Finally, the settings allows you to add your own message to be shown to the users.

Feedback, suggestions, patches, bug reports most welcome.

About the Author

Sumit is a Senior Web Developer at SANIsoft. He has over 3 years of experience working on variety of web applications.


      • I am building a site right now which consists mostly of pages (not posts), but I could work around that using custom post types and use the original posts as news items.

        • Well, I don’t think WordPress has a facility to navigate between the pages just like posts. So adding support for that won’t be possible. For custom post types, I will have to check what WordPress does there.

  1. Very cool feature, I tried the link on your blog and I would love to add this feature to my site.

    I reactivated the plugin and cleared the cache on my iPad and it’s still not working.

    I do use a JS & CSS script optimizer plugin on the site, I’m not sure if that is causing it not to work.

    • Cannot see the link to the plugin’s js and CSS file – if the plugin is still active then I am at a loss as to what could be wrong. Did the plugin work with the default Twenty20 theme?

  2. Yes, this issue is happening because of JS & CSS script optimizer plugin. To solve this issue, on the settings page of script optimizer plugin, add zepto.min.js to the list of Ignore next javaScripts.

    Hope that helps.

  3. Hi,

    I would like to use this plugin, but it must be possible for me to only allow scrolling between posts that are in the same category, is this possible?


  4. Hi,
    LOVE the plugin. Working great. Any way to modify so it doesn’t work on my homepage but does work once I’m looking at a blog post?

    • Try modifying the condition in file ipad-swipe.php on line number 139, so that it should read as

      if (_swp_check_user_agent() && is_single()) {

      instead of

      if (_swp_check_user_agent() && (is_single() || is_home())) {

  5. Just what I was looking for.

    Two issues though.

    1) The box pops up but its grey on grey and cant be read. Does this have something to do with my websites font color.

    2) Is it possible to swipe only through categories?

  6. I have cleared my cache on my iPad, but still not working. I would really like this plugin to work, looks fantastic on other website’s I’ve seen using it. Your help is gratly appreciated!

  7. I have installed this plug in. It works to some degree… When I click on the menu and select pages, the list is empty… but when I click at certain areas, it actually does open a page. Anyway to fix this?



  8. hola gracias por el plugin me encantaria instarlo en mi pagina para los usuarios que la visiten puedan verlo en ipad pero antes de eso queria ver la posibilidad de que manden algunos capturas de pantall en ipad para ver como se ve gracias y tambien queri saber (Sumit Meshram) si lo dela modificacion que hisiste reciente esta ya modificado en el link de descarga gracias

  9. Hi, thanks for the plugin I would love to install it on my page for users who visit can see it on iphone but before that I wanted to see the possibility that send some screenshots to see how the iphone is due and also wanted to know (Sumit Meshram) if hisiste dela recent modification which is already modified in download link, thanks

    • You want to see some screenshots? That much I can understand… but the second part I don’t understand.

      P.S. Yes, I did use google translate on your original comment ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Hi. It would make me happy if you could develop the swipe to work on my gallery pages. I am using a slider template which is really not very functional on the ipad at the moment. It is on the following link. Please let me know if you think this is possible.

    Regards. Steven.

  11. I cant get it to work. I have a front page, with a full screen slider (are posts, with just a featured image in it). But I get error ‘no more pages’

    Please help!

  12. Hi… I would love to use the iPad swipe plug-in, but it is not working for me. Does it work OK
    on multi (network) sites? I have installed it at the network level and done a network activate.

    On my site no banner appears.

    But if I go to the (empty) network site the banner does appear.

    Any help will be much appreciated – thanks, Tony

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  14. Hi Tarique – great plugin, i have it up and running on a test site.

    I’ve swapped the swipe movements around though, so when you swipe left you get an older article; feels more like a book or reading a newspaper.

    Shame you’re not going to rework this for Android. I’ve seen another plugin working on those devices, although it had some other issues, so I wasn’t able to use it in the end.

  15. A friend has pointed out that on web pages with text, the transparent background of the plugin announcement, the words are difficult to read because they blend in with the text behind.
    Would it be possible to alter the transparency of the announcement to a solid colour such that the text would be more easily read?

  16. Hi… just installed this on my website.

    It works as expected on my iPad (iOS 7) except that the ‘welcome iPad user’ pop-up is re-occuring after every swipe and will not stop.

    I have the default plug-in settings.

    Can you please advise?


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