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They are people – damnit!!

New Economy calls for new marketing

Dr. Philip Kotler

We were taught this in business administration and to date, all the marketing/business fundamentals I absorbed from Philp Kotler during my post graduation days has immensely helped me in running business and innovating.

For a lot of IT companies, employees are “resources” and somewhere in the entire structure of the company they cease to become people for the management. Especially when it comes to programmers and trainee executives. While many would argue “what’s in a title” or “what’s in a name” I find it difficult to call my boys and girls “resources” – for SANIsoft they are people, very much a part of the company they work for and will always remain individuals.

It is their being an individual is what brings them to fore when they work on Open Source Projects. Every person at SANIsoft is encouraged to participate and contribute to the open source community and projects –as coders, as testers and as users of Open Source Software. We have always picked up young, talented minds and trained them to be excellent coders. It is a process, a system that we have devised and developed that has worked for us in being a truly Open Source based company.

First round of recruitments are on for SANIsoft since we have shifted to the new office premise about two months back. The ad is going out tomorrow, and I hope to have good candidates who will become a part of SANIsoft family.

About the Author

Swati Sani has nearly 22 years of work and business experience. She started her career in Mass Communications industry (Advertising and Public Relations) after her post graduation in Mass Communications from one of the top schools, Indian Institute of Mass Communications, New Delhi. She spearheads the business development and administration at SANIsoft. She actively participates in and promotes the Free and Open Source Software communities.

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  1. Hello Swati, I came across your site from Softpedia. These are good thoughts. I know some senior IT execs who sometimes forget this aspect. Wish you good luck with your recruitments and projects.

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