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Paperwork and Procedures

Paperwork does not mean things strictly have to be on a piece of paper – a spreadsheet, a document or a database is better and more efficient way of handling day-to-day stuff. However, for sake of convenience, I still call it paperwork.

Every small and medium business venture has a perennial shortage of administrative staff. No wonder most businessmen regard paperwork with disdain and never get around to doing it. However, in my experience, impeccable paperwork goes a long way in running any business. If one keeps the procedures and systems in order, howsoever small they are, one has a chance to look back, analyze it, and improve.

Paperwork and outlining procedures is simple stuff. One does not need to go to an expert to learn it – just some common sense, dedication and self discipline is all that is needed. I was taught this by Dr. Niren Suchanti, Chairman, Pressman Advertising and my ex boss. He is the best management guru that I could have ever hoped for. Simple things like make a list of things to be done, strike them out as and when they are done, and check it at the end of the day.

You just has to do it once and gloat in the feeling of “accomplishment” it gives. The next day, you would automatically start your day with making a list, and lo, your paperwork has become a piece of cake. Easier said than done though. Even after making a to-do list, its stressful to keep looking at it and fretting. Once tossed on the side, in the “will look into it later tray” things have a tendency to forever remain there.

There are books, software, management programs and training seminars about getting paperwork (things) done but there is nothing like doing it right NOW for getting it done. However, I find, dealing with things one at a time, reviewing it periodically and keeping your in and out tray’s (real or virtual), clean and maintained is all that is needed.

About the Author

Swati Sani has nearly 22 years of work and business experience. She started her career in Mass Communications industry (Advertising and Public Relations) after her post graduation in Mass Communications from one of the top schools, Indian Institute of Mass Communications, New Delhi. She spearheads the business development and administration at SANIsoft. She actively participates in and promotes the Free and Open Source Software communities.

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  1. I once read an article, one of the famous guy (I forgot which one) seek help from a professional task manager. The guy simply gave him a little piece of paper and ask him to write down the thing that he need to do and rank priority. Tell him when he woke up next morning, do the first thing on the top of the list, and don’t think about the stuff below the list. Spend all of your time and energy to do the first thing until you get it done. I try it before, it do it’s magic except I will look at the top 3 on my list and see if I can do all three by multitasking.

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