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Terms of Service

The terms of service document is provided to the all SANIsoft Technologies Private Limited Clients. The Clients are required to agree and accept the terms of services given below:

  1. Services: SANIsoft agrees to program and deliver the web application software on LAMP platform according to the specifications document and / or HTML templates provided by the Client. SANIsoft shall perform all programming work to the best of its ability, in a manner that is consistent with the standards of performance of professionals that perform similar work. SANIsoft works 8.00 AM to 6.30 PM Indian Standard time. A daily report of the work done by SANIsoft along with queries on work if any will be submitted to the Client. Client is expected to respond to the queries in timely manner.
  2. Fees and Expenses. As consideration for the work to be performed and Deliverables to be created, developed and delivered by SANIsoft, Client shall pay SANIsoft the fees on a per programming hour basis as agreed. The programming rates are subject to change upon 7 days written notice.
  3. Payment. The charges for the services already rendered will be invoiced as every week (5 days / 50 hours cycle) and the entire invoiced amount will be payable within 7 days. If the invoiced amount is not received within 7 days, the code for the next seven days will not be uploaded onto the Client server till such time that the balance invoice is not paid by the Client.
  4. Deliverables. All code written by SANIsoft for the Client as per the specifications and /or html templates provided the Client will constitute deliverables of the project.
  5. Changes in scope of project. If at any time following acceptance of the specifications by SANIsoft, Client should desire to change the specifications or other elements of the project, the changes given by Client will be evaluated by SANIsoft and SANIsoft will submit a revised time schedule and increase in cost (if any) to the Client for approval. A written and explicit approval from the Client will be required for SANIsoft to go ahead with changes in the original specifications.
  6. Ownership. All Deliverables created by SANIsoft or its employees for the Client shall be Client’s sole and exclusive property only after the deliverables have been paid for in complete as invoiced by SANIsoft.
  7. Copyright and Use of Third Party or Open Source Software. All deliverables created by SANIsoft for the Client will be Copyright of the Client after the deliverables have been paid for in complete. Exception to this will be use of pre-existing tools and/or third party open source software that may be used in the creation, testing or delivery of Clients Project. The copyright and ownership of any such third party software which covers software already open sourced by SANIsoft will remain with the original author of such third party or creator of the open source software.
  8. Employee Solicitation. Client shall not without SANIsoft Technologies Private Limited’s express written consent employ or offer employment to any SANIsoft employee, or any former employee of SANIsoft within the 12 months following the termination of his or her employment with SANIsoft. Any former employee of SANIsoft can not work on the client’s project independently or as an employee of a third party for a period of 12 months following the termination of his or her employment with SANIsoft. Similarly, SANIsoft Technologies Private Limited shall not without Client’s express written consent employ or offer employment to any Clients employee within the 12 months following the termination of his or her employment with Client.
  9. Contract and Termination. SANIsoft can be contracted by clients to work either on an hourly basis or on a monthly retainer. If contracted on an hourly basis, the client must give SANIsoft  7 days  written notice prior to ending the contract. If SANIsoft is contracted on a monthly retainer basis by the client, a written notice of 15 days must be given to SANIsoft by the client prior to termination of the contract.
  10. Independent Contractor. SANIsoft is an independent contractor, and Client shall not have any actual, potential or other control over SANIsoft or its employees. Neither SANIsoft nor its employees shall be entitled to any benefits provided by Client to its employees. SANIsoft shall be solely responsible for the filing and payment of any and all taxes imposed on it by any governmental authority.
  11. Limitation of Liability. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in this document, in no event shall either of the parties be liable to the other for special, consequential, indirect, punitive or exemplary damages.