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Other Open Source code contributions

Giving back to the community is a deeply ingrained habit in SANIsoft, many of our programmers can be seen helping people with various problems in their free time or they spend their time developing free software. Some of the older Open source projects of SANIsoft are listed below

jQuery Plugins

  • Image Notes – A simple way to display notes over images when you roll your mouse over the image
  • Auto-correct – To auto-correct words in textboxes or textareas like ‘teh’ to ‘the’, ‘taht’ => ‘that’ etc.
  • Shift Checkbox – To select a range of consequetive checkboxes with just two clicks, inspired from the GMail checkboxes functionality
  • Short Access-key – Provides an easier and faster way to use the accesskeys assigned to links

WordPress Plugins

Cheesecake Photoblog Software

Cheesecake Photoblog Software is a feature rich, buzzwords compliant photoblog software / application written in PHP using CakePHP framework. More…

Coppermine Picture Gallery

With 3 million + downloads from Sourceforge alone Coppermine Picture Gallery is one of the most popular PHP based open source software in the world. More…


PHPlib is a PHP application development framework that provides you with an easy to manage Object Oriented way to handle sessions, authentication and permissions in your PHP application. More…


A drop-in replacement extension of Smarty class for PHPLib template class. Even though the syntax is like those of PHPLib template but the compiling technique of Smarty has been used. Several advantages of Smarty that PHPLib lacked can now be utilised even more conveniently. More…


A PHP class to do distance and radius proximity calculations based on Zip Codes. More…


The Mobile Phone users have an access to the Phone services while on move, but they should have a computer in order to have a look at their e-mail. WAPpop was written keeping the above problem in mind. So that they can have POP access,to have a glance on their e-mail while on move.On a WAP device what can WAPpop do?

  • Read mail from POP server
  • Reply to mail
  • Forward mail
  • Delete mail
  • Send new messages

Tested on UP.SDK – Phone.com , WinWap browser, Wireless Companion – Yourwap.com. WAPpop was made in year 2000 – lot has changed in the mobile world since then and WAPpop is no longer maintained. You can however Download it.