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Case Study:

The work was absolutely according to the set timelines and not a single milestone was missed.

Kaushal Dalal - IndianWillMaker


A will or testament is a legal declaration by which a person, the testator, names one or more persons to manage his estate and provides for the transfer of his property at death. While in its briefest a will can be very simple such a document is usually a target of legal battles and also liable to be rife with loopholes

IndianWillMaker: A web app, aims at solving these and similar difficulties faced in making a will for Indian citizens. The site has all the legal options available to a person for making a will and once prepared, the will can be printed and registered if one so desires.

Understanding requirements

“Building a legacy isn’t simple. Fortunately making a will is! Clear, Simple, Inexpensive”

While the premise of the site was satisfying a seemingly simple need of an Indian Citizen; that is: making one’s will – the workings and integrating the legal options in a user friendly way was quiet complicated. In India one has to not just take into consideration the legal options, but also the options that a person’s religion grants while making a will.

Planning started with endless flowcharts drawn on paper. Once this was done to the point where the client as well as the developers felt that they had considered all possible decision paths. Wireframes were drawn – once again using paper and pencil.

Detailed flow charts and clearly annotated wireframes ensured that the app was easy to navigate and the end user who was making the will was made aware of the logical workflows and next steps.

The Challenge

We were the second developers the client came to -the earlier attempt to make the site did not result in a complete product. It had also left the client very wary of developers, we were to rebuild the app from scratch.

We naturally had concerns of scope creep especially for a site that has so many options and possibilities. The detailed flow charts, wire frames and discussions of the specifications with the client in as many ways as possible, making HTML pages prior to starting to code ensured that the scope creep was contained to less than 5% of the total time.

“Clear and simple project specifications and detailed charts from the clients made the task of  designing the workflow of the site easy” says Sumit Meshram, Project lead.  “And while it was a challenge to work on the decision tree, the most challenging task for the programmers was  formatting the generated will PDF (proper fonts, spacing, etc.)” adds Sumit.


SANIsoft choose CakePHP 2.0 with jQuery as the javascript library for implementing IndianWillMaker web application. Using CakePHP ensured a uniform code structure by just following the conventions laid out by the excellent framework

Cost effectiveness

The phase I of the  project took 4 months to implement and it did not go into the “feature creep” mode thus making it a pleasure to work for the programmers and cost effective for the client.

Last word

A client’s confidence in us and words of appreciation are our best reward.

“I had given the mandate to SANIsoft to construct our website using CakePHP based on a reference from a friend. Although we never met in person and the entire process was managed remotely, the work was absolutely according to the set timelines and not a single milestone was missed. The team was also very responsive to subsequent changes and iterations. I will continue to use SANIsoft for this and other projects and would highly recommend them to others.”

– Kaushal Dalal, Founder,


About the Author

Swati Sani has nearly 22 years of work and business experience. She started her career in Mass Communications industry (Advertising and Public Relations) after her post graduation in Mass Communications from one of the top schools, Indian Institute of Mass Communications, New Delhi. She spearheads the business development and administration at SANIsoft. She actively participates in and promotes the Free and Open Source Software communities.

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