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[WordPress Plugin] Automatic Post Thumbnail

Please continue all discussions regarding the free plugin in the plugin forum.

This plugin now has a PRO version

Many more features for just $14/-

WordPress 2.9 introduced a new feature called Post Thumbnails (a.k.a Featured Thumbnails) allowing you to assign an image to your post. This image can then be easily shown in your blog using a simple function. Mark Jaquith has written an excellent blog post explaining this new feature in detail, do read it if you are wondering how to get started or why post thumbnail widget does not show up in your admin section.

The current implementation of this post thumbnails feature has a few lacunae, the foremost being you have to assign this image manually to the post. So, for your thousands of posts that you created prior to WordPress 2.9 you will end up assigning an image to every post. Also, even if you are creating a new post with just one image in it, you must assign it as a Post Thumbnail manually. Another drawback is that you cannot assign the images inserted through URL as Post Thumbnails.

This is where my new plugin and in fact my first ever WordPress plugin – Automatic Post Thumbnail – comes into play. As the name suggests, the plugin will automatically assign a thumbnail to your post when you publish it. The first image in your post is used as Post Thumbnail. This is irrespective of whether the image is an uploaded image or inserted through URL. The plugin will do whatever it needs to assign it as Post Thumbnail.

If you want some other image as Post Thumbnail instead of the first one in your post, simply assign it manually and the plugin will respect your decision.

Also, sometimes it may be that you don’t want Post Thumbnail at all for your post even if there’s an image in your post. Unfortunately, the plugin is not advanced enough to read your mind but it can read the Custom Fields added to post ;). Add a Custom Field skip_post_thumb to your post and the plugin won’t do anything for that post.


  1. Upload directory ‘auto-post-thumbnail’ to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Sorry, no more steps 🙂

Download PRO: Click Here

Download: Click Here


V 3.2.1

* Added code to correctly link the featured/post thumbnail with the post so that the Media Library shows the association correctly.
* Assigning title to the generated featured/post thumbnail by extracting it from the title of processed image.

V 3.2
Added support for creating featured thumbnails for custom post types as well. Batch processing will also generate thumbnails for any type of post.

V 3.1
Renamed Gen. Post Thumbnails to Auto Post Thumbnail and moved it under Settings menu.

V 3.0
* Added Batch Processing capability to generate post thumbnails for already published posts.
* A new menu item Gen. Post Thumbnails is added under Tools menu.

V 2.0
Added functionality to generate Post Thumbnail for scheduled posts. Thumbnail will be generated when scheduled post gets published.

V 1.1
Added a wrapper function using cURL for file_get_contents in case ‘allow_url_fopen’ ini setting is off.

Feedback, suggestions, patches, bug reports most welcome.

This plugin now has a PRO version

Many more features for just $14/-

Please continue all discussions regarding the free plugin in the plugin forum

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