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[WordPress plugin] Flickr foto info

If you embed Flickr photos on your site you can always link them to the original page where visitors to your site can get all the details but that is not really a good user experience as it sends the visitor away from your blog. I don’t really like how Flickr almost hides away the link to EXIF and the location map. Also at least for Central India Google Maps has a better resolution than Yahoo Maps which Flickr uses. This plugin was written to itch these irritating factors.

So what does this plugin really do? Well with a bit of javascript magic it places a small toolbar over images in your post which are from Flickr when you hover your mouse over them. Guess a bullet point list of features is called for here.

  • Uses the inbuilt jQuery and Thickbox scripts.
  • Most calls to the Flickr API are done on the client side – so there is minimal additional load or delay on the server.
  • If your photo has geo-location data embedded, shows it as a marker on Google map with reverse geo-location to fetch the place name
  • Shows most interesting EXIF data first with option to show the complete raw data
  • Shows information like title, description, number of views and comments, tags on the photo, sets and pools the photo belongs to and links to various sizes if there is permission

All this information is shown in a Thickbox thus your visitor need not navigate away from your site.


  1. Upload the folder ‘flickr-foto-info’ into your to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ folder
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. To configure plugin options go to ‘Settings’ -> ‘Flickr foto info’ navigation link.
  4. You will have to enter and your flickr API key for this plugin to work. Flickr API key. You will also have to enter your Google Maps API key
  5. Visit a post which has a Photo from Flickr embedded – hover the mouse of the photo to see the toolbar.

Demo: Click here

Download: Click here

Feedback, suggestions, patches, bug reports most welcome.

About the Author

Dr. Tarique Sani is a pediatrician and forensic expert by education. He is a PHP programmer of 'wrote the book' caliber and has to his credit several very popular open source as well as commercial PHP projects. He leads a team of dynamic programmers at SANIsoft who have in-depth understanding of Web scalability, development tools and usability practices with strong developmental skills in PHP, MySQL/PostgreSQL, HTML, Javascript, and Linux/Apache


  1. This is a great plugin and I really like how it works within a post. One suggestion I would like to give is to maybe write a conditional that does not display the map marker icon if the photo has no geo information.

    Also, on the photos I checked, the basic EXIF data was not displayed, although all of the additonal info was there when I click the link to see more.

    Last, if I have the original web page is zoomed using CTRL+, the thickbox window does not wrap the EXIF data correctly, however, the map does resize correctly.

    Thanks again for this plugin.

    • Thanks for the feedback. Checking the Geo Data before hand will mean another API call just to see if it is there – this is something I do not wish to do. If you can show me an example of a picture which is not displaying basic EXIF correctly I will take a look into it and hopefully fix it in the next release

  2. Nice plugin. I was just wondering if the photo needs to be embedded from Flickr. The photos on my photoblog are hosted somewhere else, but a Flickr photo ID is included with every post. Is there some way I could make your plugin work in this scenario?

    Thank you.

  3. Hi!

    I like the plugin! Very nice!
    The only problem on my website is, that the information isnt showing up in a thickbox, but just on a seperate website..

    Any idea what could be the problem?



  4. Hi, this is exactly what I’m looking for, but it doesn’t work for me…
    I included the Flickr API key, as well as the Google Maps key… and nothing changes.

    Does it go through old posts and add the comments in? Or does it only apply to new posts?


    • Actually it works, but it doesn’t work for small pictures (I just read one of the previous posts… and this was a design decision?) Is it possible to make it work for small images too??

  5. Hi,
    I can not get the plugin to show the Exif Data – gives me this message – Additionally Flickr said: Permission denied
    What am I doing wrong? Do I need to set something up on Flickr other than getting the API?

  6. Hi !

    A cool plugin that works !!! Unfortunately it seems to be ok for only individual photos from flickr. Is it possible to show exif from photos from a flickr album (inserting an album rather than an individual photo) ?

    Exemple: the first photos are not associated to the exif but the last one yes.

    Note I use “Flickr Manager” to access to my flickr photos.

    Do you have any idea? Should I modify the flickr manager plugin?

    Thx !


  7. As a follow-up to my last reply; I have another plugin called “Image Formatr” which, when deactivated, allows your plugin to show the data correctly, however, it does not appear in a Thickbox pop-up, it appears on a separate page altogether.

  8. Hi,

    First of all, thanks for a great plugin!
    I’ve used this FFI on my blog for a while now and until today was it working perfectly.

    Today I noticed that the map, exif info and other information had started to open in a new tab instead of Thickbox. Do you have any idea what might be causing this?

    WP’s dashboard also showed the error message “Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_admin_url() in /home/explodin/public_html/scumbucket/wp-content/plugins/flickr-foto-info/flickr-foto-info.php on line 124”

    I tried installing the zip package you’ve included in one of your replies above. It got rid of the error message, but the thickbox still isn’t working. I also tried installing the 1.3 version from WordPress website on my other blog which wasn’t using Flickr Foto Info before. I also got the same error message in that blog. Both blogs are using WP 2.9.1.



    • Hi Sami,
      I investigated a bit on your blog and noticed that the thickbox.js loads at the bottom of the page rather than in the section. This means that the links of the toolbar are not able to bind to the thickbox functions. This could happen because of some recently installed plugins

      Also the minimum required version of WordPress for this plugin is now 3.0

      Thanks of using this plugin


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  10. Hi Tarique,

    Love the idea behind this plugin but can’t get any data to show. When I click on the photos the thick box comes up with an error message and “additionally Flickr said: photo not found”
    What am I doing wrong? is there a setting I need to change on Flickr?

  11. Hi Tarique and Shawn,
    Have you solved this problem of “additionally Flickr said: photo not found” ?

    Flickr just changed its API and forces the use of https. Thus, I changed the into in the .php of the foto info plugin.

    But now, I get this “photo not found message”, when it used to work fine before.


  12. Hi Shawn,

    I think I have a solution to this. Edit your plugin files exif.php and map.php and remove (int) from <?php echo (int)$_GET['flickr_id']; ? …

    The version 1.3 of the plugin didn't have this (int) conversion and was working fine.

    Also, don't forget to change http into https in the flickr API calls in the same PHP files, else you will get a blank popup.

    Tarique, FYI, the (int)$_GET['flickr_id'] always returns 2147483647 because the flickr ID is too long for int conversion. And since 2147483647 is not a photo ID, Flickr says the photo is not found.

    Please let me know if there is a better fix to this!


    • Hi jb,

      Thanks for looking into this. I will soon update the plugin to have https and remove cast to int – when this was written the numbers were not soo long 🙂


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