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[WordPress Plugin] Live Flickr comment importer

A comment is what a blogger wants! Show me a blogger who denies this and I will show you a liar ๐Ÿ˜› This plugin allows importing of comments made on a Flickr photo into a WordPress post of your choice. There is another plugin that I found which allows such imports but it has a few drawbacks which I did not like

  • It relies on the Recent Activity RSS feed from flickr
  • The title of the post on your wordpress blog should match that of your flickr photo
  • It worked only when you did stuff on the admin side, technically speaking it is hooked to the admin_head
  • Old comments could not be imported

The Live Flickr Comment Importer Plugin on the other hand

  • Uses the Flickr API via the excellent phpFlickr class
  • Can automatically detect Flickr photos embedded in the post.
  • Can also use a custom field in the post to import comments thus your Photos and posts need not have the same title
  • Comments on multiple photos can be imported in a single post
  • Also imports the flickr user icons / avatars
  • The comments are imported whenever anyone sees a post where comments are to be imported
  • Allows import of even the old comments
  • Can cache the results of flickr API


  1. Upload the folder ‘live-flickr-comment-importer’ into your to the โ€˜/wp-content/plugins/โ€™ folder
  2. Activate the plugin through the โ€˜Pluginsโ€™ menu in WordPress
  3. To configure plugin options start by clicking on โ€˜Configuration Pageโ€™ link near plugin name or โ€˜Settingsโ€™ -> โ€˜Live Flickr Comment Importerโ€™ navigation link.
  4. You will have to enter and your flickr API key for this plugin to work. Flickr API key can be got from
  5. For caching of Flickr API results and thus in turn a better performance ensure that your plugin directory must be writable by webserver.
  6. Follow the instructions given on the configuration page on how to import comments into a post

Known Issues

  • Sometimes the ordering of comments imported is not the same as that on the flickr photograph. I have no idea why this happens but this appears to be an inconsistency from flickr – correct me if I am wrong Fixed in version 1.4
  • Avatars may not show up in some themes Fixed in version 1.6

Probably coming in next version

  • Automatic scanning of post contents for flickr picture URL Done in V1.3
  • Replying to a flickr comment on post – will post the reply to flickr as well

Patches, bug reports and feedback most welcome

Download Here

About the Author

Dr. Tarique Sani is a pediatrician and forensic expert by education. He is a PHP programmer of 'wrote the book' caliber and has to his credit several very popular open source as well as commercial PHP projects. He leads a team of dynamic programmers at SANIsoft who have in-depth understanding of Web scalability, development tools and usability practices with strong developmental skills in PHP, MySQL/PostgreSQL, HTML, Javascript, and Linux/Apache


  1. I am excited to try out this plugin, but am running into a problem. When trying to activate version 1.1 I get this message:

    “Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.”

    Any ideas?

  2. can’t wait to try this out!

    “Replying to a flickr comment on post โ€“ will post the reply to flickr as well” – that would be SO awesome ๐Ÿ™‚

    just one question: would it work with WordPress 2.6.5?

  3. When I enter the API key. I get this error ๐Ÿ™

    Fatal error: Class ‘phpFlickr’ not found in /home/anishk/public_html/wp-content/plugins/live-flickr-comment-importer/live-flickr-comment-importer.php on line 125

    Please help!!!

    • Thanks – the bug has been fixed in V1.3 which should be available for download in a while. I you can’t wait just change the word phpFlickr to t_phpFlickr on line 125 and it should work

  4. I can get this to work well recognising a photo in a post but nothing seems to happen using custom field flickr_photo_id, the value I use for flickr_photo_id is the number at the end of the url for the photo, I’m assuming I should be able to import comments no matter what the content in the wordpress post just by adding the custom field. Is there something else I have to do?

  5. Hi Tarique, I think I might be running into the same issue as decepive. I’ve configured the plugin successfully and added my flickr_photo_id to a couple posts, but yet, no comments are coming through. I thought it might only work for new comments made on my photos, but regardless of comment age, nothing is coming through. Any ideas?

  6. OK thanks, I managed to download ver 1.2 and can confirm it works, but only on my test blog. On my photoblog where I’d like to use it I’m using phootQ for the photoblog posts and I can not get any version to work (1.0,1.1,1.2 or 1.3) so I guess there is some incompatibility with photoQ ๐Ÿ™

  7. @Jon @deceptive – there will be a new version later in the day today which should solve the flickr_photo_id issue. I don’t know about compatibility with photoq though. More on that once this bug is fixed.

  8. Hi Tarique, unfortunately it doesn’t look like anything has changed for me. I removed the original version, uploaded the new files, reconfigured the plugin, but yet, none of my Flickr comments are showing up.

  9. Question: Aside from activating the plugin, adding my API, adding the custom field to my post, is there anything else that I need to do? I was doing some additional reading and it mentioned that I need to add some code to my page.php file. Is that something I need to do?


  10. @Jon as mentioned in the comment above uncomment the lines 29 and 30 and see if it is gives any error.

    Also is it working with embedded photos?

    You don’t need to add any code to page.php – where did you read that?

  11. Wow, that is strange, I guess it just started working? Hmm, I didn’t do anything else, so I’m not sure how it started working. This is great! Question, if you look at the comments, there seems to be a thumbnail of the image right next to the comment. Any idea where that is coming from?

    As for adding to the page.php file, I saw something about it here,

    Thanks again and let me know what you think about the little thumbnail showing up.

  12. Alright, sorry to take over all of the comments, but one last question. Does it take a while for the comments to show up in my posts? I have added ids to all of my posts and some show up, some don’t.


  13. Thanks for your speedy response, I can confirm the latest version now works. The problem I was having with photoQ was that I wasn’t using the_content() but a mixture of photoQ’s custom fields to build the post, I solved this by adding:

    $content = apply_filters(‘the_content’, $content);
    $content = str_replace(‘]]>’, ‘]]>’, $content);

    Which fixed the problem without replicating the content.

    You can see it in action here.

    Cheers, great plug-in.

  14. Ok, last comment. First off, this is an absolutely awesome plugin, thank you so much for all your hard work. It looks like things are working for me, I was just impatient.

    You mentioned I could turn off the thumbnail image, where do I go to do that?

    Thanks again!

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  16. I’m not sure quite when this stopped working, but i recently upgraded to 1.3 of the plugin as well as 2.9.2 of WP

    Up untill then this has been running like a charm, any sugestions on what i might need to check?

  17. Hi.

    Its me again, the guy who let you know about the bug in 1.2! I have the development version installed now as 1.3 didn’t seem to work for me.

    Anyway its pulling in all the posts fine but the flickr user icons dont appear to be imported. Which is a shame.

    Is there anything I can do?



  18. Not changed a thing. All I have done is changed my css to not display the thumbnail of the image in the comment.

    Bizarrely the avatars show up on the management pages fine. Just not on the comments.

    • Well you have changed atleast one more thing – removed the Flickr: prefix ๐Ÿ™‚ But if they do show up in the Dashboard then I would suggest try changing the theme to default and see if they show up. The problem may not be in the plugin but some plugin overwriting the Avatar again…. perhaps another get_avatar hook is active

  19. Hey, great work!
    The development version of 1.3 works for me (with the flickr_photo_id). I am looking very much forward for the sync feature from wordpress to flickr.

  20. I’ve been having some troubles with this great-sounding plug-in. I followed the instructions in getting the API key, but when I cut and pasted it into the required field in the settings for the Live Flickr Comments plug-in, I get a message saying “This is not a valid Flickr API key.” I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Help, please!

  21. @Tarique,

    I actually did that: I downloaded the development version, but… and I feel really dumb here… I downloaded the zip to a temp file and it got extracted, but I thought it would automatically install itself. When it didn’t, I tried re-starting because I thought the program might fine the new version. Do I have to manually install/copy the file to a certain directory or to wordpress itself? Can you advise me? Thanks… I’m sorry if this is really obvious.

  22. Hello,

    This is a really great plug-in, I was hesitant to use Flickr before I found this.
    My question might be quite amateur but I was wondering if there is a way to remove the photo thumbnail in the comments with out using css {display: none;}? As that would mean smilies dont show up either, I think?


  23. Hi, I’m wondering if anyone else is having issues where comments are being duplicated in newly created posts.. Same flickr comments twice and even three times in a row sometimes.. Is this a known bug?

  24. I did a bit of digging and figured that you can just add this to your css file to get rid of the thumb…

    .comment-thumb {display: none;}


    • Klaus and Daniel – I looked into the bug and I will try to explain what could be happening. The plugin keeps track of the uniqueness of a comment by checking the permalink which it stores the DB, since the permalink on flickr is unique it looks like a fool-proof thing to do. However importing comments can take some time and if there are concurrent hits to the site there is a possibility that the same comment may get inserted twice. The second possible explanation is that the wp_specialchars() function used before the insertion of the comment is messing it up but in that case every reload of the page will have the comment inserted again…..

      Anyway, what I am planning to do over the weekend is add some code to detect and delete if there are more one of the same comment detected. Hope that will solve the issue

      • Thanks for staying on top of this.. Was this addressed in the 1.5 update? I had to disable the plugin because of the issue, but realized when I was doing site maintenance that there is an update.. Thanks again

  25. I did a check with an image with a lot of comments – and it seems to work perfectly! Good job, Tarique!

    Like the changes in Comment layout, too.

    • The custom field is for showing the photo thumbnail in the comment. Since the Flickr avatars show up on the dashboard it has to be the way Thesis theme displays them…. Will try and resolve in a few days

      • Wow that would be great. Sorry I don’t know much about coding and the likes and I really appreciate your time in trying to work this out. Cheers.

        • I noticed the getting Thesis theme needs registration ๐Ÿ™ am reluctant to do that. Can you confirm that if you see your site using the default theme the avatars show up? If yes then may be we can write to the Thesis developers

  26. Hi Tarique,
    I’m in exactly the same boat as Greg McMullin 2.18.10 / 8:06pm. I am using the AutoFocus theme and this plugin works great, except no avatars. I would even be happy with a generic “Flickr” icon in place of an avatar, as I’ve done with other services (Buzz and Facebook). Were you ever able to determine why avatars don’t display right in AutoFocus? Secondary question: I notice that all imported comments come in with the email address “”. Can I somehow just pick an avatar to use for comments form this email address?

    Thanks so much for your work on this!

    • Ok!!! I found the problem – The Autofocus calls the get_avatar() function with the comment_email as the parameter. If it could call it with the comment object as a parameter it would work perfectly. If you would replace with the functions.php in your Autofocus theme folder it will work perfectly – I have just added $comment on lines 692, 732 and 740

      Incidentally this will be a problem with all the themes which call get_avatar() with email instead of the comment object

      • Will this work for me too? I want to help find the problem for my site, but if I change my theme will I lose all my customisations? I’ve spent a lot of time customising the Thesis theme. Sorry if this is a dumb question, I have only been using WordPress less than a month.

        • I posted on the Thesis forums asking for help. If you know specifically any information I should be giving or any specific questions I should be asking, please tell me and I’ll add that info.

          Thanks again for your hard work.

        • Since you have already customized the theme I guess the best option is to zip it up and mail it to me – Your problem will be similar but not exactly the same. On the Thesis forum ask for what changes to make to get_avatar() call so that it uses the comment object instead of just the email….

  27. I found the part in the code that calls the avatar:
    function avatar() { $avatar = get_avatar(get_comment_author_email(), $this->meta['avatar']['options']['size'], '') $author_url = get_comment_author_url(); $avatar_output = (empty($author_url) || $author_url == 'http://') ? $avatar : "<a href="$author_url" rel="nofollow">$avatar</a>"; return '' . apply_filters('thesis_avatar', $avatar_output) . ''; #filter }

    Does that seem right? Does it help?

    • Yes that is the right part now

      $avatar = get_avatar(get_comment_author_email(), $this->meta[‘avatar’][‘options’][‘size’], ”);

      should be

      $avatar = get_avatar($comment, $this->meta[‘avatar’][‘options’][‘size’], ”);

      But then the function avatar() should be able to get the $comment object from somewhere. Typically avatar() would called within the comment loop. If you dig a bit more you will be able to get it….

  28. I installed this plugin last night and I couldn’t be happier with it! It is exactly what I was looking for! For the reasons you mentioned in your post, I was not happy with the other Flickr comment importer plugin available. I’m pimping this plugin on my site today. Thanks so much!

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  30. I had some confusion about the API key at first, but it seems to be working fine now. I notice that it plays nice with the old comments from the older Flickr Comment Importer plugin. And I love that it imports the Flickr user icons. Very nice job. Thanks.

  31. I added this plug-in last night and I am also having the issue where the avatars are not showing.

    I could not find the fix in all of these comments. Is there one?

    I am running the theme Traction on my site and the avatars do show on the dashboard but not in the posts.

    How can I fix this?

  32. hi! Seems like a good plugin but doesn’t work in wordpress 3.0… Am I the only one experience this or doesn’t it support 3.0 yet?

  33. ok, I tested the default 2010 team and it worked perfectly so it’s something with my selfmade custom team… Does the comments.php need to have something special for the plugin to work?

    • The plugin depends on

      add_filter( ‘get_avatar’,’get_flickr_avatar’, 10, 3 );
      add_filter(‘the_content’, ‘live_flickr_comment_importer’);
      add_action(‘admin_menu’, ‘lfci_config_page’);

      All of which work in pretty much any theme. I can’t really speculate on what is the problem with your theme.

      Also if by any chance you have marked the puling as ‘not working’ on the wordpress site it would be kind if you can now mark it as working….

  34. That’s what I found. I’m using get_the_content to filter out images from my post and therefore the_content() wasn’t included on my pages. I have changed that now and filter out images via functions.php. The plugin works flawlessly! Thank you so much for your help, I marked it as working on
    I removed the “Filckr:” though and added an icon instead.

  35. Hi,
    Thanks for this good plugin. I’ve been testing this for couple of weeks and discovered a “minor” bug.
    If you embed your photos with Flickr Gallery plugin, the comments will not be imported at all, if the first flickr photo id does not contain any comments.
    I explicity tell with custom fields which flickr photos that is embeded.


      • Ok, In my post I tag with [flickr size="medium" float="left"]4826941658[/flickr] [flickr size=medium]4826334887[/flickr]
        and at in custom fields i use your “flickr_photo_id” tag and add (in above case) 4826941658, 4826334887.
        If the first of the IDs does not contain any comments, no comments at all will be imported i.e. the first flickr id have to have comment to enable import of comment. You can see at my latest post on my blog, that the order is as above, but no comments was imported. I changed the order (b/c the second image has comments) in custom fields and then comments was imported and visualized in comments section.
        Hope that I’m clear enogh, please let me know how I can assist you any further.


        • Hi,

          I’ll guess that if you have a space in between the ID’s (i.e. 231232, 23423424) the plugin will not read the rest id’s comments.
          BTW I can’t get the corresponding photo for which the comment belongs to, despite ‘flickr_show_thumbnail = Yes’. Any ideas or how to debug?

        • Yes the ID’s have to be just comma separated if there is a comma and space it will fail. A minor bug which I will correct in the next release. Is the thumbnail not showing at all? Also the thumbnails will show up only in the comments imported *after* the flickr_show_thumbnail has been set to yes. The comments imported *before* the setting change will not show thumbnails

  36. Sorry for my bad English
    Probably somebody talked about it before.
    I’ve installed your awesome plugin but I have problems with custom field. If I embeb photo it works well, but not with custom field. Any idea please. I’m doing something wrong? I forgot anything?
    Cheers from Barcelona in a sunny and very hot day

  37. I was just wondering if you could give me a little help or a point in the right direction,
    i’m using a theme called grain on my photoblog, the plugin is fetching the comments from flickr but the avatars aren’t showing.

    thx in advance

    • The get_avatar() call should get the comment object as the first parameter – like

      $avatar = get_avatar($comment, $this->meta[‘avatar’][‘options’][‘size’], โ€);

      You theme most likely uses just the email

  38. Hey there. The plugin was working for a while, now it has mysteriously stopped for some reason. The last 5 or 6 posts seemed to have stopped working actually. Suggestions? What should the settings of plugin folder on my server be as far as permissions. Also, the flickr avitars do not show up. The did in the comment area on the dashboard, but not on the site. I am using a ProPhoto theme.

    Thanks in advance!

  39. Is it possible to set flickr_show_thumbnail as a global option? Almost all of my posts have multiple Flickr photos.

    Next, hyperlinks in Flickr comments are not imported.

    Apart from that, it works great, but a little more customization would be nice!

    • flickr_show_thumbnail as an option – good idea, will implement in next release. The hyperlinks as well as any HTML is not included as a part of the design. May be an option for that will be a good idea as well

      • Nice.

        Another feature I would like to see would be to restrict comments to a single account. I’ve used a very popular CC photo on one of my posts from another Flickr account – and suddenly realised that it’s imported all 700+ comments on someone else’s photo! Aargh!

        One more – it would be nice if the plugin was ‘non-destructive’ – i.e. deactivating it also removes all the Flickr comments. I understand that this would mean a rather fundamental rewrite of the code. At least, it would be good to have some way of removing all imported comments easily in case the plugin is not suitable.

        • Restricting to an account wont be possible. There is a do not import custom field for that.

          I may consider adding ability to remove all Imported comments but definitely not on deactivation. What if someone wants to deactivate the plugin but retain comments?

  40. I seem to have a problem if I use the same flickr image in different posts. One post will show the comments, the other will not. Not sure if this related but one post had wordpress comments (does not show flickr comments) and the other did not have wordpress comments (this one shows the flickr comments).

    Page that does not show flickr comments is:
    Page that shows flickr comments is:

  41. Hello Tarique. First of all thanks for this plugin! It is a really useful one.

    I have installed on my blog and while doing some test the following happened. After having imported the comments from Flickr to a particular post, I trashed them in WordPress and now I am not able to reimport them anymore. Not even if I erase the post and do a new post embedding the same image. Is there a way to go around it and re-import the comments from Flickr to the post that contains that particular picture?



  42. Hello again. This plugin really rocks. Question: are there any chance that it could import even favorites and group invitations as they now appear in the comments’ thread in Flickr?

    Thank you,


  43. Works nicely! Good job!
    Just one problem – after each comment are some numbers like: 2283++25145776@N06 not found says:
    How can I get rid of that?
    Thanks in advance

  44. Thanks for this awesome plugin and this plugin does what I exactly needed. But recently I have shifted my commenting system to Disqus Comment System: and the plugin won’t work if I enable the Disqus Comment System. Could you please advice me on how to make this plugin work while using disqus? Thanks a lot!

  45. Hello Tarique,
    I’m having a little problem with your plugin.
    The plugin can retrieve the commente in Flickr, seve it in the wordpress database, but the avatar are not show. Instead, this code are generated in the ims src:
    Another strange thing is that the avatars are showed in every page of my blog, but in the specific post (with the flickr photo with the comment) NONE avatar are show. Every avatars are now showed as
    The problem occur only in the post with the comment.
    I've searched the codes of the theme (Fusion) and, as far as I can understand, the methods of geting avatar is the above mentioned.
    What is happenig? What mistake am I meking?
    Thanks in advance

  46. Sorry. English is not my first language…;)
    Regarding the avatar not showing: the comment where the person don’t have an avatar doesn’t import any icon form flickr. Just show The appears when I make a comment. I think the problem is when importing the comment of a person without avatar on flickr.

    The second problem: when the post has a comment imported from flickr, all avatars in that page are showed repeatedly as the avatar of the first comment imported. But, posting another comment with the default wordpress comment system, fixes it and the avatars appears normaly.

  47. Hi Tarique.

    I’ve noticed that the comment_author_IP is empty when the commenter in Flicker do not provide an avatar. This way the avatar cannot be imported by the plugin.
    To bypass this, I made some modifications in the function get_flickr_avatar:
    function get_flickr_avatar($avatar, $blah, $size) { global $comment; if ($comment->comment_author_IP != "") { if($comment->comment_author_email == ''){ $tmp = explode("++",$comment->comment_author_IP); $avatar = ""; } } return $avatar;}
    This way, the $avatar does not receive the img code and the theme generates ths gravatar code by itself (the theme default).

    The problem with the repeating avatars I fixed whit the use of
    remove_filter( 'get_avatar','get_flickr_avatar', 1, 3 );.
    I realized that the filter was turnig every avatar the same, after its use.
    But, the remove_filter I putted in other plugin, because if used in your plugin, none avatar imported from flickr appears.

    This way, the plugins works flawless here.

    Sorry to bother you with so many questions and comments here. I loved the plugin and really want it to work.

    by the way, I’m a physician to.

    Once more, thank you for the help and quick answers.

  48. Hi Tarique,
    I must say this is a great plug-in, you have done a great job… thanks a lot!

    I do have a question though; how can I remove the “Flickr:” prefix just before author’s name? I have removed it from live-flickr-comment-importer.php but it’s still showing the prefix.

    Here is the page:

    Please excuse my ignorance but I’m not into this coding stuff. I would really appreciate your help.

      • Hello Tarique,

        Yes I have searched the file for any other occurrences and there are none but it still shows the prefix on the page. I even changed the prefix from “Flickr:” to “By:” but there’s no affect.

        For reference, here’s the code:
        $commentdata['comment_author'] = "Flickr: ".wp_specialchars($comment['authorname']);

        Changed to
        $commentdata['comment_author'] = wp_specialchars($comment['authorname']);

        • I am not sure then why you are getting the Flickr: prefix – also do note that making the change will only affect future comments and not comments which have been already imported….

  49. Hi there,

    I am using your wp-plugin and like the functions very much. thanks!

    unfortunately I experience very severe performance issues. when I activate your plugin I got the problem that the website ( takes ages to load. I assume its due the fact the plugin is loading all the comments / thumbnail from flickr.

    problem is that I am not too familiar with the coding so that I can only assume that during the time the flickr live importer loads the comments feed, the jquerry picture gallery I am using can not finish loading its code. wordpress will first load all the pictures and display them one beneath each other instead of completing the actual scrollable gallery like it should, and like it does normally when the flickr comment importer is disabled.

    I tried to fix this by installing caching-plugins (WP Super Cache, PHP Speedy etc.) which make the website load completely on click and then switch to the new page instantly as soon as everything is loaded. This solved nothing .. when clicking on a link to a new picture gallery it takes a really long time (sometimes 50 seconds or more if there are 10+ comments) until everything is loaded.

    Once again, when I disable the flickr live importer it loads smoothly and quickly.

    My plugin directory is set writable by webserver. Do you have any other ideas how I could increase speed of the plugin or make it load at the end.. when everything else is loaded properly and working already?

    that would be great, because I would like to use the benefits of the plugin.

    thanks for your support.


    • Looks like the connection between your server and flickr is very slow. I can easily load more than 100 comments in 10 sec or less. The only thing that I can suggest is increase the phpFlickr cache time limit by finding the line $f->enableCache(‘fs’, ABSPATH . ‘wp-content/plugins/live-flickr-comment-importer/phpflickr/cache/’); and giving it a third argument as the time you want the results to be cached before the plugin tries to fecth more comments. The default time limit is 600 secs

  50. I’ve been using this plugin for some time now and it always worked flawlessly. However, I know moved to another theme which uses custom post types in the form of Portfolio items instead of the normal post items.
    Now I found out that this plugin doesn’t work with that, but I am curious if there would be any solution to it. I hope you can help, as it would brighten up my site a lot again ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks for your support.

    • The plugin works on the $post->post_content – this is written around line 253 of the plugin file. Now if you can use whatever variable that contains the flickr picture URL the plugin should work again. Alternatively you can insert the flickr IDs in the custom fields as described.

      • In this portfolio part there isn’t a possibility for custom fields. I guess it should be possible to add them, but I’m not really into the code of it all. Those items are exactly the same as the standard posts or pages, but then in a different menu.

  51. I can see now that it’s brought through comments from another users image that I embedded in a post because I liked it. It there any way to only import comments from my own photos on Flickr?

  52. Hello Tarique, thank you for making my day, you’ve added a new dimension I didn’t think was possible. The above url is my test which is fully operational and I setup the plugin and set up a few blog posts and it works like a charm. But, I added the flickr id to a regular page and a custom page template and neither worked so far.

    I was wondering if you can shed some light as to what may be preventing the comments from echoing on the Pages.

    Here is a regular page and here’s the custom template which happens to be the same image as well but with a diff page ids(which I would think it doesn’t matter as long as they are diff ids

    My initial thought was based on reading the comments that something is missing from both my regular page.php and my portfolio.php template.

    Anyway, glad to be here, just added you via flickr contacts as well, lovely images, I’m more of a street photographer(actually we have a few things in common, both come from medical(dental in my case) and love photography and the web.

    Cheers and hope to hear from you soon.

    Regards from Miami, FL.
    Jorge Ledesma

  53. Thanks Tarique, will do. I was thinking for a future update perhaps the plugin would be able to display the flickr favorites as well back to WordPress. Sometimes folks don’t comment but mark your image as a favorite thus showing their support, it would be a nice detail to have that in your wordpress blog as well.

    Cheers and regards,

  54. Just found this plug in and love what it can do! Was wondering, is there a way i can pull comments for all photos contained in a set without having to input all the photo id’s?

    i dont want the set comments, i want the comments on all the photos within the set.

    Thank you!

    • Sorry other than putting in all the IDs, currently there is no way to get all the comments in a set – also as a caution I would advise that do not put more than 20 photos in a single post, it may slow down the page load times to unacceptable levels because all the new comments are searched for when the reader goes to a page

    • Hi,

      as of now I don’t plan to have favorites show up in comments – unless someone submits a patch ๐Ÿ˜€ However my other plugin flickr-foto-info shows the number of favorites in the info box


  55. Hi Tarique,

    Just recently upgraded to WordPress 3.3 and now it’s not working. Any issues that you’re aware of with WP 3.3? Running version 1.7.1


    • Hi Matt, Working perfectly for me with V3.3 – why don’t you try the development release? Has some new features too… You will have to enter the FlickrAPI key again so make a note of it before you upgrade….

  56. Hi, first of all, thanks for Your excellent plugin,
    I’ve notice that with WP3.3, only in the dashbord, the profile Icon is changing with the last import comment from Flickr, then if I watch the url of the icon it’s going to a buddy icon of a flickr profile, how can this can be happen? It’s a bug or something did you already know?
    Can You give me a suggestion to fix it.
    Thanks a lot
    Have a nice day,

  57. Hi Tarique,

    first of all, I would like to thank you for this plugin. It’s great.

    So far I used the standard twenty eleven theme by WordPress and everything worked fine. Now, however, I changed to the free photoblog theme ‘mixfolio’ by Graph Paper Press and the comments are no longer displayed. Desperately looking for the error in the theme files I still didn’t come up with any explaination.

    The comments from flickr are just not displayed, whereas other comments submitted on the blog are displayed correctly. The flickr comments can also be seen in the comments settings, dashboard, etc. Furthermore, as I already mentioned, the comments are displayed correctly if I just use another theme. One example could be seen here:

    Do you have any clue why it won’t work?


  58. Hey Tarique, still loving this plugin, but it’s playing hell with my Google keywords. I currently have over 700 mentions of Flickr on my site, as far as I can tell this is all coming from my comments as I only mention it perhaps once in a weekly post.

    Could there be a sensible way to reduce the number of mentions of flickr in each comment? It’s the comment I’m interested in, so could I exclude the icon of the linked Flickr upload and also the link back to the users comments itself. The only thing I’d want to keep would be the Flickr members icon.


    • You can edit the plugin or use the dev version which has an settings option of having your own prefix for the comments. I presume that is where the word Flickr is coming from! Do note that in the dev release you will have to add the Flickr API key again

  59. Hi Tarique,

    First of all I must say this is a wonderful plugin and the best comment importer I have found.

    My problem I have though since rebuilding my site using WordPress 3.3.2 the flickr user avatar’s are not displaying anymore and wondered if you could shed some light on this for me.



    PS you have some stunning images on your photoblog.

    • Hello Martyn,

      Thanks for the appreciation and thanks for using the plugin. I am also using WordPress 3.3.2 on my blog and I have not experienced any problems. Which version of the the plugin are you using?

      Would you like to try out the latest development version?


      • Hello Tarique,

        Thank you for your quick response. The version I am running is 1.7.1 which I believe is the latest version generally available. I would appreciate the offer to try out the development version.



  60. Hi Tarique,

    Sorry for the delay in my response. I have only just downloaded the new version and glad to say it all works fine now. Great pluggin and hats of to you for efforts and a first class WordPress bolt on.



  61. I am still having a few issues with my site. It is a Pro Photo wordpress theme site. Is there a way I can email screen capture shots of my settings to see what I am doing wrong?

  62. Hi Tarique

    I’ve been hoping you’d add a feature for handling favourites at some point, however I’m having some problems with this feature on my development site. You can see an example here

    There are only two favourites on the image used in this post, but every time I refresh the page the comments get duplicated.

    I also notice you’ve started populating the ‘comment_type’ field on the db comments table. This has caused some problems with my theme Diverso, but as there is no problem with the Twenty Ten theme I’m pursuing a fix with the themes developers. Will this change definitely still be in 1.8 when it’s released as the major version?


    • Hello Andy,

      I went to your dev site – I can see the number of comments but not the actual comments. whatever features are there in the plugin dev version will definitely be there in the the next release.

      As for duplicates It is the the SQL query at line 278 which does that check – I am not sure as to why it would be failing in your case….

      • Hi Tarique

        I think I’ve found the cause but would like to confirm it with you…

        I beleive I’ve found the section of code you’re referring to, line 278 is
        $test_dupes = $wpdb->get_results( “SELECT `comment_id` FROM {$wpdb->commentmeta}

        I noticed that you use {wpdb->commentmeta}, which I’m assuming allows for the WP feature for replacing the tables with a custom beginning. However the following line which is being compared for duplicates refers directly to wp_commentmeta and not the above wpdb reference.

        SELECT comment_id FROM `wp_commentmeta` WHERE `meta_key` = ‘nsid’ AND `meta_value` = ‘{$person[‘nsid’]}’

        It therefore appears as though you are comparing against a table which doesn’t exist and therefore will never return any existing favourites in my db.

        Is this correct?


        • Hi Andy,

          seems you have spotted the bug correctly so instead of `wp_commentmeta` if you use {$wpdb->commentmeta} it should work in your setup. Try it out and let me know how it goes


        • Hi Tarique

          Version 1.7.1 of the plugin didn’t populate comment_type: –
          $commentdata[‘comment_type’] = ”;

          But version 1,8 as you say, does: –
          $commentdata[‘comment_type’] = ‘comment’;

          It’s just highlighted an issue with my theme. As the WP provided Twenty Ten handles this correctly I’ve gone to my themes developers to log the issue. I could amend this line to match v1.7.1 but I’d rather keep to the WP standard in case I start to use a feature in the future that conflicts with this non-standard use of comments in my theme.

      • You can’t see the comments due to an issue with my theme. You’ve begun populating the comment_type field in the new version and for some reason my purchased theme is excluding it. If I remove the comment_type value on the comment in the db the updated comment appears.

        As this works in the Twenty Ten theme I’ve raised it as a support issue with the theme’s developers. On Monday they asked for the details of the plugin so that they could test, so I’m hoping this leads to a solution.


        • well the comment_type is currently set to ‘comment’ which last I saw was the default for comments in WordPress. Is the comment_type blank for all comments in your case?

          comment_type field is used to do tricks like separating the trackbacks from the comments….

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  64. Hello Tarique,
    I have installed this amazing plugin and have tested it with different themes and it works on most of the ones I have tried but on the theme I am using (Weaver) it shows how many comments have been left but not the actual comments. Any ideas how I can get this to work with Weaver? I really don’t want to change my theme since I have already got it looking just right ๐Ÿ™ Any help would be appreciated.

  65. The plug in is no longer working on my blog. I think it may have to do with some changes that Flickr has made to their site. Will there be an update soon? Going through Flickr comment withdrawals!

  66. Hello,
    I really like this plug in but there are two separate flicker ID’s that are posting on my website and I want to be able to import the comments for each id. Is there any way to use multiple API’s?

  67. Thanks so much for working on such a useful plugin, and like others, I am in withdrawal since the plugin ceased working.


  68. Hi Tarique,

    1.9 doesn’t seem to show up anywhere, 1.8 is the only option for download that I can find. Is there another place I can download it besides the WordPress plugin directory?


  69. Hi guys

    Just managed to get the Live Flickr comment importer to work, however I’m still getting an error message. ( Fatal error: Class โ€˜phpFlickrโ€™ not found in /home/public_html/wp-content/plugins/live-flickr-comment-importer/live-flickr-comment-importer.php )

    Any suggestions?


  70. Hi, I’ve been using this plugin for a while ant I think it’s great, nevertheless has been a few months since it stop working. No error messages or any other sing except thet flickr comment don’t appear anymore. is it for wordpress updates? Is this gonna be solved soon?
    Thanks a lot.

  71. HI Tarique

    I have upgraded to v 1.9 and trying to get the image thumbnail to work as I intend having multiple Flickr images in a single post. I have set up the custom field flickr_show_thumbnail with value 1. But image thumbnails are not working. I’m not sure where the image is populated from I assume Flickr, but the Flickr image on my post page is hidden at the bottom of the post as a 1px x 1px image.

    Awesome plug in by the way.

      • Hi Gaz,

        For some reason the comment thumb markup is being generated but the src is not getting populated in your case.

        I am sorry at the moment I do not have time to debug the issue. Must be some API change and trivial fr someone who knows the Flickr API a bit.


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