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More tag for your twitter digest in WordPress

Twitter Tools is the best available WordPress plugin for complete two way integration of twitter with your WordPress blog. One of the useful features which it has is ability to create a digest of your tweets and post it to your blog. You can configure the plugin to create either daily digest, weekly digest or both.

However folks who are prolific tweeters will find that the digests can become very long and having a long digest on the front page may not be desirable as it distracts the visitors from other posts. Solution is to use the <!–more–> tag. For version 1.0 of the Twitter-Tools plugin I had to hack the plugin file – this once again is a “No No’ for obvious reasons

Alex King has recently released Version 2.0 of his plugin and he has done something very very programmer friendly – added hooks and filters that allow other plugins to be created for Twitter Tools and extend/change/customize the way Twitter Tools works.

Writing a plugin for the Twitter Tools plugin which adds <!–more–> tag after user specified number of tweets was thus a simple task. I am sure there will be more people out there who want this plugin so

  • Download the zip from here
  • Extract and upload the file into the same folder as Twitter-Tools plugin
  • Activate the Twitter Tools – More tag for digests plugin from your plugin page
  • Navigate to Settings -> Twitter Tools and scroll down till you see something like


P.S. See a demo

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