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jQuery shortaccesskey plugin

I came across an article about keyboard enabling web applications today on my rounds of daily reading. This prompted me to dig out some code which I had written earlier to facilitate keyboard navigation of websites and convert it into a jQuery plugin.

The shortaccesskey plugin provides an easier and faster way to use the accesskeys assigned to links, instead of the standard key combination like SHIFT+ALT+’key’ and/or CTRL+key you just press the ‘key’ assigned to the link.


  • Executes the click events attached to the link using jQuery bind() function.
  • In case of AJAX call, the AJAX call is executed – the page doesn’t redirect to another page.
  • Shortaccesskey gets disabled when inside a form element allowing all keys to be used normally.


Add the latest jQuery file in your page followed by the jquery.shortaccesskey.js plugin file. And add the following code after it –


Click here for a demo.


Click here to download from official jQuery plugin repository.

Alternate download link.

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