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[WordPress plugin] Date As Title – A plugin for automatic post titles

A much improved pro version of this plugin is now available here

Why Date As Title?

These days I seem to be writing very little code and I do that only if I need something and I am unable to find something similar already written. Recently I shifted my journal from LiveJournal to a self hosted WordPress install on my own site. I write in my journal fairly often though most of it is either private or friends only. I find it difficult to come up with a post title every time. Leaving the title blank kind of messes things up with WordPress so I started putting the current day and date as title – this keeps the URLs very nice and user friendly. After doing this a couple of times it struck me – Why not automate this using a plugin.

Installation is like any other WordPress plugin – unzip and upload to the plugins folder, activate from the plugins page and you will get a DateTitle option in the settings menu…


Download: from here

About the Author

Dr. Tarique Sani is a pediatrician and forensic expert by education. He is a PHP programmer of 'wrote the book' caliber and has to his credit several very popular open source as well as commercial PHP projects. He leads a team of dynamic programmers at SANIsoft who have in-depth understanding of Web scalability, development tools and usability practices with strong developmental skills in PHP, MySQL/PostgreSQL, HTML, Javascript, and Linux/Apache


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  4. just a simple suggestion, I change the wp_title_intercept function to:
    ...if($post->post_date) {        $post->post_title = date($options['title'],strtotime($post->post_date)); } else {       $post->post_title = date($options['title']);}...

    So, if you want to change an old post like mine, it will automagically change the title with the date from its post submit date.

  5. I would really love to use your plug-in but in need the title to display tomorrows date, and I also only need it to display for a specific category. Any help with changes or additions to the php would be greatly appreciated.


  6. I would really love to use this plug-in… but i need the time to display in german with swiss time zone (CET/MEZ) +1, actually +2. Any idea would be appreciated.

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