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Radiobutton issues while migrating from cakePHP-1.2alpha app to 1.2prebeta

Today a new version of cakephp-1.2’s pre-beta released, Eager to upgrade I plugged it into the new Cheesecake2 codebase which was happily on cakephp-1.2’s last alpha (released on 9th July).

As expected some minor migration issues did crop up immediately, posting the list below

1. No more debug, cake_admin etc. constants in config/core.php
– Replace the old core.php with the new one and then make changes in it as per your needs – debug setting, admin routing etc.

That was easy what took a bit more time was the new things in the radiobutton output by the form helper.

2. Addition of fieldset/legend around radio buttons
– You need to set

in options of radio field if you don’t need a fieldset around your radio buttons

3. Label given for radio buttons group does not appear but radio buttons texts appear as labels
– If you have given a label to your radio buttons group then it will not appear at all, rather but your radio button options will be made labels. If you need to provide a single label for radio buttons group then you have to explicitly put

before (or after or above or bottom – as per your need,)

. Also if you don’t need your radio button options to appear as labels then set

4. The ‘inbetween’ has been removed
– If you need to separate your radio button using any string, e.g.:-
(line break), then you need to use

instead of

I am sure the above will help prevent some hair-pulling by people less keen on diving into the source 😉

But that said – the new features which have been put in seem to be really awesome as usual

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Amit Badkas is Zend certified PHP5 and Zend Framework engineer, and has been working in SANIsoft for past 10 years, his present designation is 'Technical Manager'


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